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Praise of nature. It was nature which dictated both the color and texture of this unusual bedspread and pillows.  Creased fabric adds lightness to the décor of the bedroom. The cotton admixture makes the bedspread even softer and fits perfectly.

The decorative pillow is made of two types of linen – the front has a creased structure, the back – smooth in the same color. Fastened with a discreet zip. Available in two sizes. Does not contain a fill.

Bedspread size 210 x 235 cm

Weight 2 kg

Linen care

Our products are sewn from European linen of the highest quality. It can be nurtured in house conditions. It is worth following a few simple rules so that it may serve us for many years.

 Preparing for washing

We advise to wash linen separately, without other fabrics and to segregate colors. The colors should not be mixed with white. Before inserting bed linen into the washing machine, it is worth turning the pillowcases and duvet covers inside out and fastening their buttons, or ties.  

Washing program

Choose a gentle washing cycle. If we have the possibility to set the water level, it is good to choose the maximum. Linen likes a water bath.

Loading the drum

Do not overload the washing machine. Linen fabric should move freely in the drum. Otherwise it can lose its original shape. Linen products become softer and softer with every washing.

Washing temperature

Linen things should be washed at a cool or warm temperature, preferably up to 40°C.  Never wash linen in very cold or hot water.


Use only delicate washing products. Strong detergents or bleach can weaken and destroy linen fibers and may discolor them. We also do not recommend the use of fabric softening fluids, because they reduce the absorption properties of flax. If you have hard water, we recommend water softeners.


Set the spin speed to low. If the washing machine has a “no crease” program, it is worth turning it on.

Hand wash

During hand washing, you cannot wring or twist linen. This could cause for the fabric to lose its original shape and permanent creases. 


After removal from the washing machine, linen products should be shaken, and it is best to lay it out flat. If possible, it is worth drying linen in the open air. Linen likes the wind. However, do not expose linen fabric to the bright sun. High temperature destroys fibers that become brittle and prone to damage.


If the washing and drying rules are observed, linen products do not require ironing (especially those made of stonewashed linen).  However, if you decide to iron linen, then it is worth doing it when it is a bit moist or use steam for ironing.


90% linen, 10% cotton

Weight: 550g/m2


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