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The natural shade of uncolored linen in the children’s bedroom introduces calmness and harmony. Thanks to this, the little one can feel safer, both during rest and fun.

The bedding, which is made of soft, pleasant-on-skin linen also has other advantages of nature…In summer it pleasantly cools, in winter it warms you up nicely.  It is anti-static and anti-allergic. What is more, it prevents the growth of fungi, bacteria, and mites.  All this makes that a healthy and pleasant dream of the toddler is practically guaranteed.

Weight N/A


Duvet covers type

Simple, With pleats

Kid’s duvet cover size

100 x 125 cm (40’ x 50’), 100 x 135 cm (40’ x 54’), 110 x 125 cm (44’ x 50’), 120 x 150 cm (48‘ x 60’), 70 x 140 cm (28’ x 56’), 90 x 120 cm (36’ x 48’), 92 x 127 cm (37’ x 51’)


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